Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The New Dirt Rag: Now twice as absorbent

Dirt Rag magazine has such fine taste in photos. Is it any wonder it's so cool?

Skedaddle on out and grab a look at Issue 119, which is hitting newsstands. This photo, which I shot (and used on the blog) earlier this winter, is featured in "The Rider's Eye." The shot is of my old Trek commuter, which now does double duty as my winter bike and my son's summer ride. I built it up and rode it for years, and I consider it "on loan" during summer.

When he saw the magazine, my son checked out the photo and said, "Hey, those are my brakes."

Not many people would be so eager to claim blue anodized cantilevers. But forget what he says. I found 'em at the spring bike swap, I put 'em on the bike, and I maintain 'em. So they're mine!

Besides, the kid rarely rides anyway. (I don't know where I went wrong with that boy. Maybe it was a bad idea to come home muddy and bloody so often when he was an impressionable toddler.)

I was reading the Alaska forum on mtbr.com the other day and saw this hideous banner ad across the top of the page. First of all, why would anyone advertise a children's sing-a-long video to a bunch of mountain bikers? And, more importantly, why would anyone even create such a thing with Rosanne Barr?

Admittedly, I've never heard her sing. But I've heard her speak, so I suspect her singing is right up there with the inhumane frequencies of Yoko Ono, fingernails on a chalkboard, your lover passionately screaming the wrong name, and the sound of carbon fiber meeting the top of a garage door.


Pete said...

Congrats dude, you're famous!

daveIT said...

First, Welcome to the elite Dirt Rag club. You're dangnabbed professional photographer.

Second, you are almost a bastard for almost making me shoot beer out my nose from your comments on Rosanne's singing!


I picked up a pair of homemade pogies from the following fella advertising over on http://akoutdoorgear.com.

$45 and pretty nice.

Winter Bike Pogies, made to fit Mountain bike bars, no need for bulky gloves, made from high visibility nylon, reflective tape all around, fleece lined, easy in and out, and draft barrier. These are not the big bulky pillows or oversized socks you see around town. These are my own design, compact and easy to slid your hands in. I’ve field tested to 0 degrees F and they work great.

Yellow, Purple, Red
(Custom colors on request)


Walter Tifental
Anchorage, AK

E-mail him for pics. I picked up a set tonight and they are nice quality items.

See you at Frigid Bits....


Tim said...

Thanks, guys. And Dave, just knowing that beer was headed toward you sinuses is reward enough!

Anonymous said...

have a nice day , greetz from holland…