Saturday, February 18, 2006

One hundred miles, one sip at a time

Night has fallen in Alaska. This is when the wimps get dropped and the committed break away from the pack. Velocipete has been carbo-loading like a pro. The Old Bag is doin' her part, snackin' 'n' sippin' while checking race updates. I just popped the cork on a bottle of Le Grand Noir and I'm preparin' to kick it up a notch.

Yeah, that's right. Bloggers from Alaska to Minnesota are well into the comfort marathon in support of the Susitna 100. While our fellow cyclists are slogging through the wilderness, we're keeping the home fires burning and representin' in living rooms across America. Others, no doubt moved by our selfish devotion, are surely holding their own vigils and bravely staggering through their homes in search of another snack, another log for the fire, or that damned corkscrew. (Where the hell ...?)

We're in it for the long haul. You won't see any of us kickin' up our heels and grabbin' a rail before we cross the finish line. We're professionals, damn it!

Our fellow blogger Jill has checked in at Eaglesong Lodge near the halfway point of the race, and trucked right on through. The local speed demons like Jamie Stull and Janice Tower are out of Flat Horn Lake and headed for the finish line 25 miles away. At this rate, they'll barely be late for bed. A lot of the mere mortals will probably be crankin' the pedals until morning.

Bottoms up, Keepers of the Comfort Flame. We've still got a long way to go!


the old bag said...

Whew -- glad to hear you're doing well. You CAN do it. We ALL can!


Adam said...

Tim, I love this idea. It was good and fast for the 100, what will happen in the 350 is anybodys guess and I'm not going to jinx anything by making a guess. I hope to God you and your fellow bloggers can drink us 350ers to the finish line. But you still have a lot more drinking to do tonite. Its great that the fast folks have gotten in, but its the folks that are out there now through tomorrow morning that really need you to drink for them. Those people are your Timmy, they need you and an internet full of drunken bike bloggers to get through this... so drink like the wind...