Thursday, February 16, 2006

Stud Sluts

Photo by Christopher Souser

My previous post might have misled some readers into thinking I'll be spending this weekend doing nothing but eating steak, drinking wine and sitting by a roaring fire.

Silly readers.

I never said anything about steak. Only beef. I might just have a big, juicy hamburger. Although a steak isn't out of the question. Hmm. I will be sitting down and drinkin' some wine, though. I'll sip some of that French stuff while I hunt with Dick.

But I won't just be lounging around watching my ass grow fatter. It's Chilly Willy race time on Saturday at 4 p.m. The usual place. Goose Lake. Hopefully, we'll have some semblance of winter and be able to use bikes instead of jet skis. This should be the last daytime race of the winter, so Anchorage riders who aren't braving the Susitna 100 (Go Jill!) should show up and slide around with us.

The Frigid Bits Championship will be held a week later, on February 25th at 8 p.m. weather permitting. Carlos promises a five-minute time bonus to the rider with the cheesiest head-to-toe costume. Scoff not, brethren. A simple bear costume pushed Rob German to the top of the 10-lap podium at the last race.

Or so I heard. The ceremony was over and the team buses had split with the podium girls by the time I dragged my ass into the finish area.


daveIT said...

I'm bringin' my shotgun in case that mangy bear shows up again. I'll teach him to beat me by 5 minutes!!!


Tim said...

Carlos says no repeat costumes, so Rob will have to put his wife to work sewing up something new. He'll be a mangy ...