Thursday, June 01, 2006

Signs of trouble

Bike commuting is hazardous for a guy like me. And I’m not just talking about the dangers of cars, moose, unleashed dogs and the distraction of cruiser bikes bearing well-stuffed spaghetti-strap tank tops on hot summer days. (Don't laugh. That last one is going to get me killed one of these days.)

No, my problem is that I'm an editor, so I can't help noticing bad signs. Street signs, business signs and all the others. That's why I photographed the sign in my previous post. As Adam pointed out, it's redundant. It also happens to be placed next to a bridge on a public street. Doesn't that make us all authorized?

Fortunately, the sign in today's photo actually amuses me because of the apparent lack of imagination behind it. I see it on my way home from work as I cross a street that enters a new subdivision.

I assume that someone just thought it made sense to name the entryway “Entry Way.”

But signs with dumb names are entertaining. Other signs are annoying, even depressing. America is full of people who can’t spell and who have no idea of how to use punctuation—especially the apostrophe. Don’t believe me? Go the grocery store and see if the folks in the produce department have any “banana’s” or “apple’s” on sale.

I bet they do.

I sometimes enjoy ignored signs. My route home also takes me beside Taku Lake, where there's a sign that says, "NO SWIMMING."

It comes in quite handy. People park their bikes against it while they swim.

For several months, I’ve been making mental notes of signs with misspelled words, dumb messages, confusing content, etc., and I’m going to try to photograph as many as I can this summer. I'll try to post one per week and see how long my supply lasts.


bosskat said...

I saw a sign in the Valley at the end of a driveway that made me laugh: Goa Way

Scoutie said...

Heh. Southport Entryway sounds euphemistic for something else altogether. Like the street sign in the town I grew up in, which they just quit replacing after a while: it was the intersection of Cherry and Beaver Streets. I shit you not.