Friday, June 30, 2006

Avalanche of ignorance

My latest Dumb Sign of the Week
comes to us from the rear window
of a big ol' SUV.

Whoever made this sticker
is a idiot.

He apparently never read
an grammar book

(Sorry, Scott D., I couldn't
resist using your window sticker.)


daveIT said...

Life's short
Invent stupid stickers


Tim said...

Or, given today's developments ...

R.I.P. Le Tour

Anonymous said...

You know those children in Taiwan haven't learned proper grammar. Give 'em a break. And besides... my other brother-in-law is the one who bought it. Need I say more?????

Tim said...

Actually, that explains it quite well!

(I was wondering when you'd check in.)

daveIT said...

"an grammar book"

I miss that the furst time I readed it.

I read your story on winter biking in a copy of Alaska magazine at Cabin Fever downtown today...good article!

Tim said...

Thank you, thank you. Thank ya vurry much. I'll be here all week.