Monday, June 26, 2006

It's Pete's world

... the rest of us are just riding through it.

Another 24 Hours of Kincaid is in the bag, and this year it belonged to endurance-racing monster and Paramount Cycles wrench Peter Basinger, who not only broke his old course record of 21 laps by winning the solo division with 22 laps of nearly 11 miles each, but did so on a singlespeed. Then he showed up at Guido's for Sunday night's pizza feed and looked normal. He could sit down, stand up, walk around, raise food to his mouth, all that stuff.

I can't even comprehend what he did. It's easiest just to chalk it up to him being some sort of alien.

A big congratulations to fellow bike blogger Jill Homer, who showed up for her first 24-hour event, raced solo and racked up 16 laps. Before climbing into her car to spend five hours getting home, she even walked up to the Team Megasorass compound for a post-race chat.

And a huge thank you to that red-hot babe Mother Nature, who sandwiched a beautiful, sunny weekend between two rounds of rain.


gwadzilla said...

how did you and your team do at the 24 hour event?

how many times have you done it?

what class did you race?


inquiring minds want to know

Tim said...

All those details require more coherence than I have at the moment, Gwadz, but I'm workin' on it for tomorrow's post.

I was on a four-person team (everybody's lumped, no distinction for age, weight, gender, etc.; too bad, 'cause I need a group for old Clydesdales).

bosskat said...

It was good to see you out there!! It was really quite a pleasant surprise to hear, "Hey... are you bosskat?"... and good to put a face with the blog. Ride on, Write on, Right on.