Thursday, June 08, 2006

School of Jack

Sports Illustrated: What do you consider
your greatest athletic achievement?

Jack Black: One time I rode my bike 16 miles.


61north said...

Note that Jack only rode the 16 miles to get a cheeseburger. So it was really a net loss as far as calories go.

BTW, judging from your sign photos below, you live really close to me. I've got a (fairly) inactive blog at

Tim said...

Hey, I think a tasty hamburger is a damn good reason to ride 16 miles!

I checked your blog. Sounds like you live very close to my commuting route. I pass Freddie's and ride south on Victor through Southport all the time.

61north said...

What's your bike look like? I'll keep an eye out for you. I ride and run along Southport/Klatt all the time. I ride a silver Schwinn road bike with aero bars.

BTW I found your blog through Iron Wil's comments. Do you do triathlons? Eagle River this weekend? Drop me an email.

daveIT said...

Damn, he's got me beat by a mile.

I'll be at the kiddie tri directing traffic or something like that.

Scoutie said...

Like we all wouldn't ride 16 miles for a cheeseburger.

Shawn Kielty said...

Furthest I'd ever go for a hamburger is 10 each way. For a Shish Kabob maybe 14 each way.