Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Is the sky falling yet?

Dang. Here we are, halfway through 6/6/06 and the shit hasn’t hit the fan. The world hasn’t ended, and Satan’s a no-show, that pussy. I guess that means I have to keep updating my blog.

My little slice of the bike world is quiet this week. I’m squeezing in rides where I can, doing some work on my Epic and prepping for a trip to Arizona. Gotta get the trail bike dialed in now, because I’ll be traveling until four days before the 24-hour race, and the Epic’s been hurting lately—noisy disc brakes, shifting problems, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I think I've got all the problems fixed except for a little tweaking of the front brake after I pick up a batch of shims. I want everything running perfectly for the race so that everyone will know my lap times aren’t my bike’s fault, I just suck.

The latest Dumbass Sign of the Week comes to us courtesy of the Municipality of Anchorage. This labeled bike route from Klatt to “O’Mally” Road is a block from O’Malley Centre and two blocks from O’Malley Road. Maybe that’s too far to drive to look up the spelling.

(Thanks to Michael at BikeBlog for the cool Tom Waits video link.)

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