Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Sitting here in limbo,
Waiting for the dice to roll.

Sitting here in limbo,

Got some time to search my soul.

Blasting through northwestern Arizona in a rental car. Jimmy Cliff on the iPod. Saguaro cactuses and Joshua trees flying by outside the windows. Headed for two nights in the world’s largest full-time state fair. Viva Las Vegas.

Lots of time to remember what I miss about the desert and hate about life in the frying pan known as Phoenix.

Coming back is always sweet. Desert mountains, the smell of sage. Heat on my skin, the cool water of a backyard pool with a cold beer nearby. Dark nights with stars, and warmth. Lots of people wearing very little clothing, and many of them actually capable of pulling off the look.

Still, I miss cool, uncrowded forests and loamy trails that aren’t full of flesh-shredding rocks.

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the old bag said...

It's a beautiful visit, but it's also beautiful in the way it makes us appreciate home!