Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The clock is ticking

Hold on to yer butts, kids, 'cause we're gettin' down the nitty gritty in just three more days. No more time for long training rides (not that we did any) or losing weight. The 24 Hours of Kincaid starts in less than 72 hours.

Team Megasorass is on the job. I don't know if we're up for the job, but we're definitely on it. I've been wrapping up my preparations by taking a 10-day vacation. DaveIT has been entertaining guests and drinking beer, which means he actually stepped up the exercise a bit, because hosting visitors is a tad more strenuous than his usual regimen of just drinking beer.

I have no idea what Rob and Scott have been doing, but if they're anything like me and DaveIT, their training programs could probably be described as "not very damned much."

That's OK, because Team Megasorass knows what 24-hour racing is all about: ridin' bikes, hangin' out, and watching all the solo psychos suffer.

And a cool T-shirt, of course.

After weeks of wondering how the race course would be affected by the city's construction of a small freeway disguised as a bike path, Reggi got the final word this week that the bridge over the park road is passable and she can hold the race on the same course she used the past few years.

That's good news for me, because after three summers of riding the damned thing, I've actually learned a few moves and I might suck less than I would on a revised course.

Anyone still thinking about signing up should get busy. Anyone else should stop by between noon Saturday and noon Sunday and say hello.

Bring doughnuts.


daveIT said...

Hey man, when I talked to Reggi yesterday she said that Scott hadn't registered yet. Can you give him a call just so he doesn't end up having to pay $100?

I actually rode like 25 miles today. Yay, me!

I'm about to tear into an 11th Anniversary Double IPA from Midnight Sun. I bet it's better than sex.

Tim said...

If it is, you and Renee need to buy a manual, or something. You must be doing something wrong.

gwadzilla said...

things to bring.....

food with protein
pain killer
gatorade or something similar
water.... more water
I find that a water bottle full of coke during the laps is good for a slug every mile or so
anything that you can eat
GU/Power Gel
E-Caps or an another anti-cramping tablet

what else...
your bike
your shorts
your helmet and lights
maybe a few other things