Friday, June 02, 2006

Help wanted

Singletrack Advocates last year created Anchorage’s first singletrack trail designed and built by and for mountain bikers. It’s unlike any other trail in the Anchorage Bowl, and has some really nice flow and technical challenges. But it needs a few final touches.

Tomorrow is National Trails Day and STA’s goal is to complete what we left unfinished last fall after we ran out of good weather and sunlight after many weeknights and Saturdays swinging Pulaskis.

I have to miss this one because of prior commitments, but if you have some time to contribute, here are the details from crew chief Christopher Souser. Give a few hours, then feel good riding Brown Bear Trail the rest of the summer:

“Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow June 3rd is National Trails day and we really want to have a strong showing so we can complete Brown Bear and officially call the trail ‘done.’

“The Anchorage Daily News will also be out there so it will be a great opportunity to show that mountain bikers show out in force for maintaining and creating local trails.

“So please show up, even if you can only give us an hour or two. Even if you can't do 'heavy manual labor' we will have work for you.

“Meet up at the east side of the Hilltop Parking Lot at 8 a.m., or 8:15 at the woodchip pile on the Gasline. We will be working until at least noon and want to make the most out of the four to five hours we have to work on the trail.

“Bring gloves, a wheel barrow, Pulaski, a shovel, a pick, McLeod, or an old backpack that you wouldn't mind hauling a few rocks in.

“WE REALLY REALLY need someone to bring a large chain saw!

“A few of us will be out there a little before 7 a.m., so you can show up early too if you wish to help.”

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