Friday, June 30, 2006

Vive le Tour?

Some people said Lance Armstrong's retirement would bring excitement back to the Tour de France. They said we'd have a real race again instead of sitting back and yawning while Armstrong kicked the shit out of everyone over, and over, and over and ...

Personally, I was OK with the way things were the past seven years. Love him or hate him, Armstrong was a racer for the ages. We were all lucky to have been here to watch his era, just like we were lucky to watch Indurain's run, and people a bit older than me were lucky enough to watch all of Hinault's or Merckx's victories.

And it was a hell of a lot better than the debacle this race is turning into. Ullrich, Basso, Sevilla and Vinokourov all axed before the prologue? Holy shit, is there a race left worth watching?

The way I see it, this means several things:

#1: I'm really glad I don't bother to subscribe to cable TV.

#2: Pro cycling may be the most fucked-up of all professional sports when it comes to doping scandals. And that's a big statement. "This is worse than 1998," said Caisse d'Epargne sport director Eusebio Unzue. "Cycling is at the point of death."

#3: It's time for Landis and Hincapie to ride 'em like they stole 'em, because the race is ripe for the picking, and we might as well keep tweakin' the frogs by winning their favorite race.

#4: This is a really good time to be the owner of Jan Ullrich's favorite hangouts, because what else does he have to do in July besides go back to stuffing himself with schlachtplatte before hittin' the clubs, poppin' some Ecstasy and running his BMW over bicycle racks?


bosskat said...

I didn't have enough energy to post a comment on the mess. I think the American racers, a whole handful of them, had a chance at the podium even if the alleged cheaters didn't get booted. It is a bummer but looking back at the Giro and how Basso was riding, I'm wondering if they tested him for meth. Either way, there are still a bunch of amazing riders in the Tour and I'll enjoy watching them push themselves to the limit while the jackass fools watch it from home.

Tim said...

I agree that there are still amazing riders in the Tour, bosskat. Just to complete the race is a hell of a feat. I just wish I could believe there were some clean riders left ... if there ever were any.

bosskat said...

Indeed... it does take away a fraction of the excitement wondering if they just haven't been caught yet... I mean, look at David Millar - he was hitting the EPO (he says only twice and that's hard to believe) and he never failed a test. Anyhow, GO Big George!