Sunday, July 15, 2007

Back on the bike

Last week was bad for biking. Between sketchy weather, recovering from the Fireweed 100, spending two nights at The Beartooth theater sipping beer and watching flicks (including The Flying Scotsman — great movie) and spending a very long day flying to a remote spot to shoot photos for a magazine story, I barely put in any miles.

That finally changed Sunday. Once the rainy weather moved through, we headed up high to ride the Powerline Pass trail, with a fun, muddy descent down Llama.

Damn, it was good stuff.
John climbs Powerline (just before
flipping me off for shooting his pic).

Maura rides above the upper lake.

The lower lake. This is the kind
of view that reminds me why
I live here.

That lake is so pretty,
it might look even better
than my sweet bike.


Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures.... I love the barrel valley forms at Powerline.

Anonymous said...

STOP posting these photos, you bastard! Like I don't miss home enough as it is? Jeez!!!