Tuesday, August 04, 2009

My other ride ...

Knowing that I have a thing for stickers, Greg Matyas recently surprised me with a few when I stopped by Speedway Cycles. My favorite was this one from Handlebar Sandwich.

I thought it would look perfect on my black-and-white Epic, but my wife gave me one of those looks that said, "Uh ... bad idea."

Then my friend Heather came up with a bunch of B.S. about how a sticker like this isn't funny on a guy's bike, but how it would be hilarious on her bike. I'm still not quite sure how she talked me out of it, but I have to admit it does look pretty good on her Santa Cruz Blur.

While H's bike was hanging off the back of her car at a Soggy Bottom checkpoint last Saturday, a woman walked by with her kid, saw the sticker, and said she didn't much care for it.

Unfortunately, we never found out if her son thought it was funny.


Unknown said...

Thanks for listening to your wife and friend. You don't have one of those sorry-ass stickers on your car that shows "Calvin" pissing on something do you? That would be about as redneckish.

nathan said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed my stickers. If you need any more (or know somebody who does), let me know, I'd be happy to send a few more up that direction.

By the way, love the blog, always enjoy hearing about your stories from up north. Can't wait to get back up there.

bikegirl said...

that's as funny as the erection sticker I had on my Giant! Definitely better on a chick's bike, or some 20 year old's bike. 40ish guy's bike... some might say "infantile."

Too bad Heather's bike wasn't pink.

Matthew - now, a sticker of Calvin pissing on a Calvin pissing sticker, that would be highbrow and worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

All who have witnessed the beauty of that sticker wholly agree w/ me - it CANNOT be adhered to the bicycle owned by a male. I'm glad your readers agree. :o)