Sunday, November 14, 2010

Don't piss her off

Blue Dot, Summer 2008

I don't understand why my pictures from Blue Dot always cause my friend Jeff over at Bike Carson to question my sense of chivalry. When I first posted this picture of Maura and Heather crossing the treacherous Blue Dot bridge over Campbell Creek a couple of years ago, he posted a comment that suggested I might consider a good photo to be of more importance than my friends' safety.

Blue Dot, Yesterday Afternoon

And after I Facebooked this new picture of Julie crossing the same bridge on Saturday, he posted a similar comment under it. But Jeff lives in Nevada, so there's something he doesn't know about the people I ride with.

To be fair, Heather routinely gives me shit about things like shooting pictures when I could be offering her a hand. But the truth is, she just looks for any excuse to give me shit. So when she started in again Saturday night, and I was laughing about similar comments left on my blog, Julie chimed in with the following observation:

"These people don't realize that you ride with women who would hit you if you offered us help."

Keep that in mind the next time you see me use a photo in which a woman looks like she might need assistance.

I don't ride with wimpy chicks.


Joboo said...



Jeff Moser said...

Ha ha! Yes, there was definitely some deja vu while looking at your photo and making my comment, but I thought I'd be safe making the comment over on Facebook!

Tim said...

You'll never be save with me, Jeff.

And thanks, Joboo. Glad you enjoyed the post.

Greg Heil said...

Not to mention that the average mountain biker living in Alaska is way more B.A. than the average mountain biker living in Nevada.

Vito said...

Oh man! That was good. Where are those chicks to be found around here.

bikegirl said...

Hey Tim,
I was crossing the bridge last week on a shop ride when one of the guys asked if I wanted him to take my bike.

No way! I was using it to steady myself so I wouldn't fall into the creek! Oh, and I'm also a BA.