Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The dark post

No photo tonight. I went for a ride with my daughter.

We rolled through the woods, over pretty streams and through falling leaves. We even goofed around in a parking garage, where I took pictures of her standing up while riding with no hands. Then I took some great pictures of us together on a little bridge over a creek.

When we got back to Smokejumper Trailhead, I put my camera on top of the car while I racked the bikes.

And then I left it there.

While I drove home. I'm such an idiot.

Now my camera is lying somewhere beside a road, or in the hands of someone who picked it up and decided not to call the phone number that's on a sticker on the camera body.

Small digital cameras are one of the coolest accessories to have on a bike ride. I'm really gonna miss that thing.


Adrian Fitch said...

Good advice to always take a camera on rides but terrible news that you've lost yours. In the past your pictures have inspired me to get out the city I live in and explore the surrounding countryside. Hope you get a new one soon.

Psychalist said...

You know, I did the same thing with my GPS. I'd had a unit for about 9 months and it wan't working correctly. I got a replacement and was just celebrating its first successful outing - a 13 mile walk. Whilst driving back, I couldn't remember what I did with it and stopped to check. It wasn't on the roof. As I opened the trunk, something fell on the floor. It was my GPS. It must have been hanging by the roof bars and had stayed on for about 7 miles around twisty bends. It survived the fall and I was mighty relieved.
Sorry you lost your camera - I know that sick feeling and now do everything with a sense of paranoia.

Jeff Moser said...

Sorry for your loss.

I just got my pocket camera back from the shop yesterday. I sent it away to be fixed, and then once again when they didn't get it right. It's been a rough month without it. My craft as a blogger has suffered in its absence!

61 Degrees North said...

I accidentally left my first small digital camera in Eagle River. Not the city, the RIVER. I took it along on a canoe trip and while taking a photo of a duck (stupid duck...) I hit a rock and dumped my entire family out of the canoe. Just before impact, I stuck the camera in my mouth (couldn't think of anywhere else to put it) and grabbed my paddle in a vain attempt to avoid the rock. Once we dragged everyone to shore, I realized that the camera was gone. I must have opened my mouth somewhere in the excitement. With some of the other things that floated down the river, I figure that little canoe spill cost me at least $400. I replaced the camera with a similar one, but I liked the original one better.

Tim said...

Good news: When I came off the trail today after several hours of riding, I got back in range of a cell signal and had a message from a guy who found my camera!

He said it appears to be in good shape despite falling from the roof of my car. He was able to turn it on and see the photos. As a matter of fact, he saw a picture of me with my daughter and said he recognized my face from the trail.

I'll get more details tomorrow when I go to pick up the camera. Hopefully, it'll still shoot OK.

Eero said...

Just have to tell my camera story--set it on the hood of my truck after an overnight hike, got the packs in the car and drove off. I actually saw it fly off the hood from right beneath the windshield! Stomped on the brakes and RAN back on the highway to retrieve it, racing a 16 wheeler I could see approaching in the distance! The camera was pretty smashed up---I felt like I'd stabbed my best friend. Canon totally repaired it like new for $95. Yay.

61 Degrees North said...

I saw this tip in Backpacker magazine last night. In case your digital camera ever gets lost, be sure that the first picture on the camera is of a sheet of paper with your name and phone number on it. Maybe offer a reward for the camera's return. Just remember to not delete that photo when you download your other photos.