Sunday, September 23, 2007

Eklutna Lake Trail

Despite its popularity with the general
public, I think the Eklutna Lake Trail
is underrated by serious mountain bikers.OK, so it has all the technical challenge
of hopping two curbs while riding to
the liquor store for a six-pack.

Sometimes we need to remember
that mountain biking isn't about
hard trails, races or outriding our friends.
It's about having fun, getting some exercise
and riding to pretty places where
cell phones don't ring. And this trail
has some of the best scenery around.

On a pretty fall day you get snow-covered peaks,
frosty leaves, and sunshine reflecting off
Eklutna Glacier. If you keep your eyes open,
you might see some Dall sheep, a mountain goat
or a bear. (My son had his first close-range bear
encounter here about five years ago.)
It's 26 miles of beautiful country,
and a damn nice way to spend a day
on a bicycle.

A person could do worse.


Jeff Moser said...

I got into a phase where everything had to be technical and slightly dangerous. It faded though, and now I'm enjoying riding just for the sake of riding, friends, and scenery. Not that I don't enjoy the challenges too, but looking at those'd be a fool to pass that trail up!

Anonymous said...

My buddy Scott and I did that earlier this summer. We threw our bikes in the back of his truck and my FD cable ended up breaking so I did the whole thing in the big ring. It tired me out a little. It was a beautiful day when we went and it started to sprinkle just as we arrived back at the truck.

Dano said...

Thats what I'm talking about.....