Monday, December 31, 2007

Memorable moments of 2007

Building the Pugsley***
The fun of riding it
Early spring rides on my new road bike.
Making one bad joke
about dancing in my arm warmers,
and never hearing the end of it
The cold rain during the Fireweed 100
Making sure I remembered
a really foul joke all summer,
so that I'd be ready when I finally
ran into Leonard
Heather actually showing up
for a couple of rides
64 piles of bear shit in 22 miles
on Russian Lakes Trail
The beauty of Lost Lake Trail
My 13-year-old daughter
dropping me on a hill
for the first time
The thick, slimy mud
of Johnson Pass Trail
The young worker at the Kansas City airport
who rolled my bike case into the baggage-claim area
and asked, "Is this a gun?"
The sound of a bike flying
off my brother's roof rack at 70 mph
The guilty relief of realizing it wasn't mine
Riding en masse through Spenard,
in the dark, after a rainy game
of bike polo
Beer and movies at Speedway
Drinking beer around
the Frigid Bits Burn Barrel
Watching my daughter ride ice and snow
on her first pair of Nokians
The Face Plant
Everyone who let me share a ride
with them.
This is the coolest cult
on the planet.
Happy New Year, and thanks
for reading this little pile
of bike-related stuff.

See ya out there.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! - It was a pleasure reading the review and it will be a pleasure reading what '08 has in stock!

Michelle said...

Life is GOOD! I really want to know about the arm warmer dance

Anonymous said...

what about your cool sister-in-law who told you what Octaginta meant in the first place!!!!
yeah...I was bored again today;)

Jerome said...

Thanks for sharing them with us. Cheers.

Tim said...

Mmm, no, Michelle, you really don't. Trust me on this.

And sorry, Nekki, I forgot to give you credit!

And Happy New Year to you, too, Linda. I'm looking forward to lots of great photos of the Swiss trails you'll be riding on the new bike.

Tim said...

You, too, Jerome. Any man that can ride a pink SS in Alberta has my respect ... I think. :)

The Old Bag said...

Great recap!