Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Cutters

Saturday afternoon's Ice Cutter Crit was a rare January event: Bike racing in the sun. Four 2-man teams did 20 laps around Goose Lake, with each racer riding two laps before handing over his boxer shorts and sending his teammate out on the course.
The day was spectacular.
A soft spot meant the racers
really were ice cutters. It deteriorated
into slush, making the cold weather
feel even more zesty and refreshing.
Racers were debriefed after every two laps.
Sometimes in life, we encounter
images that will haunt us for years.
Ice build-up was a problem
that required innovative solutions.
The next time Manny's key doesn't work,
we'll know why.
Tony and Tim K., winners of the maillot lingerie.
Real men wear Spongebob drawers.
(Even if you never know where
those things have been.)

1 comment:

Grill Meister said...

I can feel the haunting beginning already. Great photos. It was a perfect winter day for picture taking. The slush and Chugach Mtns as a backdrop made it easy pickins for the camera. Thanks Tim.

Grill Meister