Thursday, January 13, 2011

This Makes Me a Little Surly

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KTUU, the most popular television news channel in Anchorage, ran a story this week on how Alaska is becoming “the winter cycling capital of the world.” Becoming? Hell, most of us thought it already was the winter cycling capital of the world.

It wasn’t a bad little piece, as TV news features go, though I’m always a little disappointed when such stories prominently feature bikes made by Outside companies and ignore the fact that fat bikes were pioneered here by guys like Mike Gronewald and John Evingson, and are being advanced today by shops like Speedway and Chain Reaction, both of which are building and marketing their own brands.

Instead of focusing on the local guys, Channel 2’s story highlighted Salsa's new Mukluk, which is named—not coincidentally—after the traditional skin-and-fur winter boot worn by Alaska's Eskimos. It’s a fine bike, from what I hear. And Salsa will be happy to mail you a catalog if you’d like to check it out. As long you reside in the Lower 48, that is.

If you happen to live in the “winter cycling capital of the world” and would like to get a current catalog, you’re just shit outta Mukluk.


JordyB said...

Mostly like the piece as well, just like you, was bummed they had to focus on the Muksuck, instead of the local options we have in our state. Good blog post T!

Daniel said...

A couple summers ago when channel 2 started their ‘Day Trippin’ special I sent a few emails their way inviting them to either out to the trails, bike related events and even out to the 24 hour race without so much as a reply. Needless to say I am not very impressed with Channel 2. But maybe biking just isn’t their thing, that’s a shame given all the great bike related recreational activities we have in and around Anchorage.

Ben said...

Just found this and read up on fat bikes....pretty neat. I've wondered just now how that might work here in PA....thanks....

bikegirl said...

I've emailed Salsa to question this catalog mailing policy (& to add Paramount to their dealer listing). Yes, typically media will go to one source they perceive to be the expert & it's easy to go to the biz that is most well-known & no others. The only shop that will be happy is the one that's featured.

Jordy, Muksuck? c'mon. You don't see me calling people's bikes anything disparaging (I almost did, but I held back because people are sensitive about this kind of stuff). There's plenty of room in this town for all the brands, both local & national, as evidenced by the fact that every brand keeps selling out.
Every shop likes to see that. It's good for the sport. What we need are better, more comprehensive stories about winter cycling & reporters who try it for more than just 10 minutes.

(This view is my own, not that of any shop where I have worked or may work again in the future. Just sayin')

red rabbit said...

I don't know why you are bummed about not seeing pix and stats on the Mukluk when you can see one up close and personal at The Bicycle Shop on Northern Lights.